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From Landscapes to Life: My Unexpected Journey into Portrait Photography

Hey gorgeous souls! You know how life throws these curveballs at you, sometimes disguised as beautiful families begging for photos? That's exactly what happened to me back in 2014. Me, the landscape queen, camera glued to mountains and sunsets, suddenly faced a challenge: capture the magic of people! Talk about stepping outside my comfort zone!

But you know what? That "no way, José!" moment turned into a full-blown love affair with the human experience. Witnessing the laughter lines crinkle around a grandma's eyes, the shy smile blooming on a toddler's face – it was like discovering a whole new universe through my lens.

Now, let me be honest, friends. This journey wasn't a walk in the park. My inner critic threw shade like nobody's business, technical gremlins danced on my equipment, and finding clients felt like searching for unicorns. But every time I saw the joy I sparked in someone's eyes, it fueled my soul like a triple espresso shot (just without the jitters and heart palpitations).

And guess what? The biggest breakthroughs happened when I said YES to the scary stuff. Volunteering at local events, offering free sessions (hello, practice!), and even taking epic self-portraits of my sister and I on some stairs (don't judge!) – each "yes" chipped away at my comfort zone and built up my confidence like a boss.

Today, I stand here, not just a landscape enthusiast, but a portrait painter with light and shadow. It's been a wild ride, filled with lessons learned (and a few tears shed). But for anyone considering this beautiful path, here are my nuggets of wisdom, sprinkled with glitter (my fav) and delivered with a smile:

Start small, superstar! Don't wait for the "perfect" client (spoiler alert: they don't exist!). Ask your bestie for a quick session, offer mini-deals, or even challenge yourself with self-portraits. Every click is a step closer to your portrait-preneur dreams!

Embrace the wobbly bits! Stepping outside your comfort zone is scary, but that's where the magic happens. Experiment, break the rules (gasp!), and remember, sometimes the most epic photos come from the most unexpected moments.

Connect, connect, connect! You're not just taking pictures, you're capturing stories. Listen to your clients, understand their desires, and let their personalities shine through like a disco ball in a glitter factory. (told you glitter is my fav)

Never stop learning! This journey is a continuous adventure. Seek inspiration, join workshops, and learn from other amazing photographers. Every new skill adds another brushstroke to your artistic masterpiece.

My unplanned portrait adventure has been a whirlwind of joy, challenges, and endless growth. If you're feeling that tug on your heartstrings to capture the human experience, go for it! The world needs your unique perspective, your lens of love and light.

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